FMX Services provides update webiste for Tampa Bay RedHawks

FMX Services has provide an new website design for the Tampa Bay RedHawks Girls Fastpitch Softball Organization.  The new design utilizes WordPress 2.7 for it’s design and content management. Plugins include featured article slideshow and Contact Form 7 and a modified version of the Arras theme.

For more information on custom website design using wordpress, contact FMX Services.

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New Buttons for osCommerce

osCommerce offers a comprehensive, open source shopping cart solution for internet use. The basic download package includes clip art, ‘cartoonish’ characters that just don’t fit with business ecommerce websites. You can download replacement buttons at

Sample Images:

Shopping Cart ImageCheckout image for osCommerceLogin

These buttons have a subdued, steel gray background and use universal images to guide your customers in the right direction. The Steel Gray theme utilizes small circular images and included a master .png file of all of the sprites used to make the buttons.

Visit the download page to get the zip file.  Included are instructions and the master image template, if you want to make any changes or updates to the buttons.


  1. Click the Download File link below with the zip file with the artwork.
  2. Unzip file to your images folder (zip program required)
  3. Configure your osCommerce “thumbnails” into a square pattern (e.g. 48px x 48px)
  4. Included is the .png master file with all of the images.


You can download them and use these icons without restriction. If you like them, please consider linking back to

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Website Magazine Directory Guide

Link to a list of top Directories to post your website as determined by Website Magazine.

Website Magazine Directory Guide – Website Magazine – Website Magazine

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Finding popular information quickly

Searching for information on popular topics can become a daunting task when you see the search engine results for the topic you are looking for.  In fact, the more popular the search topic, the more competition there is to win the top spot in the search engine results.  This competition also draws the attention of profit-minded internet marketers who’s sole interest is to attract you to their website in hopes that you will click on one of their paid ads.

Quigget - Get the information you want, Quickly! Website

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Make a USB Memory Stick Bootable

Many of today’s computers have built in the ability to boot from USB sources. This can become valuable when your computer’s hard disk, floppy disk or, CD-ROM drive become inaccessible. If you aren’t sure that your computer supports USB Boot, you can check your BIOS settings. To view, enter your BIOS start-up screen at boot (usually by pressing ESC, F2, F10 after you press the power button); navigate to the boot options, and look for options that start with “USB” (like “USB Key”). If the option is listed, then your computer has USB Boot capabilities.

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