Using CAPTCHA on web forms to limit spam

example of captcha
Website contact forms have been an effective way to keep email addresses from being mined from websites and used by malicious users.  Recently, I have noticed a recent surge in spam email via website contact forms with the nature of the ads being similar to the type of spam that is automatically generated and sent through regular email channels.  Scripts have been generated scripts that can automatically fill out form fields and it doesn’t take long for savvy spammers to utilize this technology to sent their spam via web forms.

In an effort to reduce this type of spam, adding CAPTCHA to the webform should stop most computer-generated responses to your forms.  CAPTCHA delivers a random set of letters and numbers in an image format that are required input in a verification form field.  Human users can easily decipher the code and enter it in the appropriate form field while computer-generated scripts have a difficult time reading the text.

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