About FMX Services

Website Design and Marketing Solutions

FMX Services provides full-service organizational and business website design solutions. In addition to web site design, we offer business web hosting service, logo design services, internet marketing solutions – including search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM).

At FMX Services, we know that every business is unique.  We take a personal approach to understanding your business so that we can ensure that the solutions we deliver are exactly right for you.

We perform most of our services in house, however, we also have a variety of professional partners at our disposal to assist with your project, if needed. This assures you professional service and allows us to consistently deliver fast and affordable service.

Our Services

FMX Services offerings

  • Website Design
  • Website Hosting
  • Web Marketing
  • SEO/SEM Services
  • WordPress Installation
  • Content Management
  • Logo Design
  • Marketing Services

To all Customers and Prospects:

Our passion is to help professionals and business owners achieve their goals. While we offer our products via the internet, we feel that personal communication with the client is paramount to achieving your goals clients goals. As a client or prospective client, you can be assured that we will communicate with your personally and you will always be treated with courtesy, respect, and honesty.

About FMX Services

FMX Services, Inc. was conceptualized as First to Market eXpress Services for business.  With today’s instant access to information, it is important to implement solutions that get your information to market quickly and effectively.  To help our clients meet those objectives, we make it our mission to provide:

  • Technology for getting information to market quickly and conveniently .
  • Provide expertise on current technology and trends.
  • Provide cost-effective options for your marketing solutions.

By following our mission, our clients can expect to expedite their time to success and be assured that we will always consider your best cost/benefit options when we tailor solutions for you.

Mission Statement

To give the client the benefit of our expertise in web and printed marketing solutions and ensure that the solutions we provide are timely and cost effective.

To achieve the mission of FMX Services, Inc., We will:

  • Listen to and understand the client’s needs, goals, and values.
  • Evaluate what is learned from the client and apply an independent thought process to meet their needs, goals and values.
  • Create and present a solution that is clear and quantifiable and that generates enthusiasm by the client to pursue our proposed solution.
  • Provide all necessary support so the plan will be accepted and successfully implemented above or at the client’s expectations.