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FMX Consulting Services

Sales, Marketing, and Web Services

FMX Consulting Services provides expertise in Sales & Marketing as well as Web Services for small and start-up business.  Whether your are in the business formation stage, turn-around, or new growth opportunity, FMX Services will partner with you to ensure that your business initiatives are properly planned and implemented.

Web Services

Are you taking full advantage of internet sales and marketing opportunities?
Is your website investment providing the desired ROI?
Do you have a plan and integrate the web into your business sales and marketing plan?
Do you need webmaster management and expertise?

FMX Consulting Services can provide you with the plan and implementation of your internet strategy.   Our Web Services include:

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Website Management Services
  • Internet Marketing (SEO & SEM)Content Management
  • Lead Generation

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Sales & Marketing Consulting

FMX Consulting Services for Sales & Marketing provides expertise in Business Plan development and implementation. Start-up, turn-around, and new growth opportunities all require careful planning and knowledgeable implementation of corporate sales and marketing strategies to meet ownership profitability goals. FMX Consulting Services can provide the outside expertise and leadership your company needs to meet those ownership goals.

  • Business Strategy Planning
  • Sales & Marketing Analysis
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Process Improvement and/or Implementation
  • Employee Development

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