New Buttons for osCommerce

osCommerce offers a comprehensive, open source shopping cart solution for internet use. The basic download package includes clip art, ‘cartoonish’ characters that just don’t fit with business ecommerce websites. You can download replacement buttons at

Sample Images:

Shopping Cart ImageCheckout image for osCommerceLogin

These buttons have a subdued, steel gray background and use universal images to guide your customers in the right direction. The Steel Gray theme utilizes small circular images and included a master .png file of all of the sprites used to make the buttons.

Visit the download page to get the zip file.  Included are instructions and the master image template, if you want to make any changes or updates to the buttons.


  1. Click the Download File link below with the zip file with the artwork.
  2. Unzip file to your images folder (zip program required)
  3. Configure your osCommerce “thumbnails” into a square pattern (e.g. 48px x 48px)
  4. Included is the .png master file with all of the images.


You can download them and use these icons without restriction. If you like them, please consider linking back to

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